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Starting or operating a small business is an expensive and complicated undertaking. While having the assistance of an experienced small business attorney would be ideal, it is often thought to be too expensive. At The Bunker Law Group, we believe we can change this perception. We offer an experienced small business lawyer who can help with properly forming and advising small businesses. Whether you are a current Las Vegas small business or looking to start a new small business (or micro-business) in Las Vegas, our firm can provide unique and affordable solutions to your small business’ legal issues, including our “on-staff” small business attorney services for as low as $349 a month. No longer does a small business attorney have to be out of reach. Let us put our experience to work for you so you can focus on what matters: making your small business successful.

Unique Fee Plans To Save Your Small Business Money.

At The Bunker Law Group, our goal is to provide our clients with an affordable small business lawyer. No retainers. No billable hours. Just simple and straightforward fee arrangements that give our clients access to an experienced small business lawyer. With The Bunker Law Group, our clients know what their small business attorney will cost before they have to pay it.

The Bunker Law Group offers two fee arrangements for our small business clients:

(1) Flat Fee Per Project – If a small business client needs only a single, custom contract drafted, or a lease reviewed, or even a comprehensive legal audit, we can quote a flat fee for that project. That way, our clients only pay for a small business lawyer to do what they need, not anything extra. This saves our small business clients time and money. To learn more, click here or contact a small business attorney.

(2) The VENTURE PLUS program – Membership in the VENTURE PLUS program provides a small business client with a wide array of available legal services for one low, monthly fee. The advantage of the VENTURE PLUS program is that it allows any small business to have access to its own experienced, small business lawyer. Depending on the needs of your small business, the VENTURE PLUS program starts as low as $349 a month. In addition to the various legal services provided, a small business client will also have access to its own “in-house” small business lawyer, available to consult as needed, all at no extra cost. To learn more about the VENTURE PLUS PROGRAM, please click here or contact a small business attorney.

Flat Fee Legal Billing

Flat Fee billing is an alternative to hourly billing, the standard billing model for most attorneys.

Venture Plus Subscription Plan

A subscription plan that provides tremendous value for your small business dollar

NFA Gun Trusts & Firearms Law

Firearms related matters, from individual needs like an NFA firearm trust to small business needs.

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