The VENTURE PLUS subscription plan for small businesses

No Retainers.
No Billable Hours.
Now That's Business.

In addition to our flat fee billing method, The Bunker Law Group also offers a subscription plan that provides tremendous value for your small business dollar. We call this our VENTURE PLUS subscription plan. *Please note: this is NOT a pre-paid legal type service. The VENTURE PLUS program offers four different tiers/bundles of small business legal services for a reasonable, fixed monthly fee.

The VENTURE PLUS program comes in four different membership levels: BASIC, MANAGER, PROFESSIONAL, and EXECUTIVE. Each level provides a varying array of legal services for a fixed, monthly fee, starting as low as $349 per month. Whether you are planning on starting a new business or have been in business for years, you can benefit from the services offered in one of our VENTURE PLUS programs. You can download a sample of the VENTURE PLUS fee agreement here.

Advantages of the VENTURE PLUS Program
The VENTURE PLUS program provides several advantages to business clients. First, legal fees are fixed, every month for the lifetime of your membership. A client can consistently budget for their monthly legal fees without worrying about changes or surprises.

Second, a client will get to spread out their legal costs over an entire year, rather than having to pay them all up front if they used our flat fee method. This makes getting the legal services your business needs much more affordable.

Third, a client gets a tremendous value for their dollar. By utilizing the VENTURE PLUS program, a client get significantly more legal services than if they purchased them separately, on a flat fee basis.

Fourth, by subscribing to the VENTURE PLUS program, a client will get a discount on any additional legal fees not included in their membership plan.

Finally, the greatest value is that with a VENTURE PLUS membership, a client receives “as needed” access to an experienced attorney. This means that if you have a legal question, you can contact an attorney either by phone or email to get it answered. This service costs you NOTHING extra, unlike other attorneys. Imagine having your own corporate attorney on staff. This is what a membership in the VENTURE PLUS program provides a client (at ANY of the four membership levels).

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To get the most value for your business dollar, a subscription in the VENTURE PLUS program will provide the maximum legal services at the best prices. Contact us to learn more about the services offered in the VENTURE PLUS program and how it can help your small business.