Start Your New Small Business Right

Starting a new small business can seem daunting. One of the first steps is deciding on the right business entity to utilize for your new small business. Incorporating in Nevada has many advantages. However, the next step is deciding whether to form a C corporation, S corporation, or Limited Liability Company (LLC), in addition to many other possibilities (General Partnership, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership, Limited Liability, Limited Partnership, Professional LLC, and Professional Corporation).

A Small Business Lawyer Can Help
Many people decide to use a formation service rather than a lawyer, in order to save money. Unfortunately, a significant drawback to these formation services (and doing it yourself) is that you cannot get experienced legal advice. Each business entity has its own legal advantages and disadvantages and no one but an experienced business lawyer can provide you with the legal advice you need to tailor the right entity for your situation. Put your new small business (or micro-business) in the best position possible to succeed by hiring a business lawyer to form your new Nevada corporation or limited liability company.

A Small Business Lawyer Can Be Affordable.

The traditional lawyer-fee model of retainers and billable hours puts a small business attorney out of the reach of most people. At The Bunker Law Group, we have disposed of this inefficient system in favor of more practical and affordable alternatives. With our two unique fee options, the cost of hiring an experienced small business lawyer can be as little as $299 a month. Here, a small business lawyer can provide a client with services on either a flat-fee basis or via our VENTURE PLUS subscription plan that gives you access to a business lawyer at no extra charge outside your monthly package. Imagine having a business lawyer “on-staff” for your small business, for as little as $299 a month?