Attorney Representation For Those Involved In A Self-Defense Shooting

Protection Can Come in Many Forms:

There are many people who responsibly and legally carry a firearm for self-defense. If you carry a firearm either concealed or openly, there is the risk that you may need to use that weapon to defend yourself or someone else. When this happens you can guarantee that law enforcement will become involved. Protection does not only come from a gun, you will need an attorney there to protect your rights.

When The Unthinkable Happens
Surviving a gunfight does not just mean stopping the threat. Once that threat is eliminated, you must also survive the legal repercussions. Law enforcement will be called in to investigate. While the adrenaline is pumping, can you control yourself and what you say? Do you call 911? What do you say when the police arrive? Should you say anything at all? What about a potential lawsuit from the perpetrator or family members? You must be prepared to handle these and other questions immediately following such an incident.

Don’t Go It Alone

The Bunker Law Group can provide you with the legal protection you need in a self-defense shooting with our Citizen Defender Package. The Citizen Defender Package offers you legal representation for a defensive shooting incident for a single flat-fee as low as $2,500 (other payment options available). With the Citizen Defender Package we offer on call services, day or night, with an attorney who will personally arrive on scene to provide you with the legal representation you need. We are experienced in the procedures and techniques law enforcement use in defensive shooting situations. So when you have to use your firearm in self-defense, you can also have your own lawyer there to protect your rights.