An Economical Small Business Option

An internet-based small business can offer many advantages over the more standard brick & mortar storefront: extremely low start-up costs, minimal overhead, and a potentially global footprint. Many times an Internet-based (or home-based) small business is an affordable vehicle for new business owners to embark on their dream.

An Internet-Based Small Business Can Be Complicated

However, starting an internet-based business is more than merely buying a domain name and then selling a product or service. Proper entity formation is essential, otherwise a business owner can be open to personal liability. The legal landscape can be treacherous, with state and federal laws to consider and comply with. Moreover, Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets become important assets to protect as the small business grows.

Get A Small Business Lawyer Who Has Experience

At The Bunker Law Group, you can get a small business lawyer who has prior experience working for several internet-based companies here in Nevada. This experience includes dealing with a range of issues from intellectual property matters and trade secrets to leases and contracts. We also have experience working with home-based small businesses and the issues facing them. If you plan on starting an internet-based small business (or micro-business) or already have one, then The Bunker Law Group can provide you with an experienced small business lawyer to help.