Flat Fee legal billing for Small Business

No Retainers.
No Billable Hours.
Now That's Business.

Flat Fee billing is an alternative to hourly billing, the standard billing model for most attorneys. Typically, when getting billed by the hour, a client had to provide a sizable retainer to an attorney, who thereafter would bill (hourly) against that retainer. Once the retainer was exhausted, the client would either have to replenish the retainer or start paying monthly statements. With this method, the client (and the attorney) had no way of knowing how much a client’s particular legal fees would ultimately cost.

No billable hours here
At The Bunker Law Group, the billable hour is dead. We utilize the Flat Fee billing method because it eliminates the guesswork involved with hourly billing and is more affordable. With flat fee billing, a client will sit down with an attorney from The Bunker Law Group and discuss the client’s legal needs/projects. Once the attorney has had the opportunity to determine how much time would be involved and the complexity of the project(s), he can quote a fixed price to the client. This fixed price is the fee for the work (but it does not cover any costs – e.g. filing fees, copy costs, etc.), regardless of how long the project(s) takes. You can download a sample of our Flat Fee Agreement here.

Advantages of our Flat Fee billing method

There are several advantages with our Flat Fee billing method. First, our client doesn’t have to pay any kind of retainer fee. Second, our client knows exactly what its legal costs will be upfront. There are no surprises associated with a monthly bill. Finally, we can spend as much time as needed to resolve our client’s issue(s) without concerns about over-billing.

Examples of Flat Fee Projects

Below are just a few examples of legal projects available for Flat Fee billing. This list is not comprehensive as the possibilities are endless based on a client’s needs:

1- Small business legal audit
2- Single Owner (or multi-owner) LLC/Corporation formation
3- Single (or multi) Copyright filing
4- Single (or multi) Trademark filing
5- Contract review
6- Custom contract drafting
7- Attorney letter for one legal issue (or more)
8- Draft Employee Handbook
9- Draft Employment Agreement
10- Draft Buy/Sell agreement
11- Intellectual Property Audit
12- Brand consultation
13- Draft Independent Contractor Agreement, etc.

We can help your small business

Regardless of the legal needs of your small business, contact us to set up an appointment and we will find a way to help. Also, if you are in business or are starting a new business in Nevada, look into our VENTURE PLUS subscription plans to get even greater value for your dollar.