In-House Counsel Services for Small Businesses

Have Your Own Attorney On Staff

Many large businesses and corporations have their own attorneys available to provide them with legal advice. These “in-house” attorneys are right down the hall to provide legal counsel for the company at any time an issue arises. Of course, having an attorney (or a team of attorneys) on hand day in and day out comes at a significant cost for the business. Such an option is only available to the larger companies that can afford it. However, The Bunker Law Group is now providing these same resources to even the smallest businesses.

When a client signs up with one of our subscription plans, the services of an “in-house” lawyer become available. Imagine having an attorney on hand, on an as needed basis, to contact regarding potential legal issues your small business is facing. Your attorney can be contacted either by phone or email and it does not cost you anything extra outside your plan. No more billable hours to be concerned about. The Bunker Law Group now levels the playing field by offering this service so that any business, regardless of size, can have the benefit of its own “in-house” lawyer.